How To Clean A Shower

Nobody wants to step into a dirty shower to clean themselves, which is why shower cleaning should ideally be an integral part of everyone's weekly house cleaning routine. Luckily, armed with a little discipline and some effective cleaning solutions (or their natural alternatives) it's not hard to keep your shower as clean and shining as yourself.

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How To Clean A Shower

Surfaces, Tiles and Glass Doors

First, give your shower a good rinse with hot water for a few minutes. Make sure to cover everything – walls, floor, tiles and glass doors. The heat will start to get rid of the accumulated dirt and soap scum and will make the cleaning processes a lot easier.

To get rid of soap scum on walls and the shower screen, simply apply your favorite shower cleaning solution and leave it for the specified number of minutes, then scrub it off. Always wear rubber gloves when using commercial cleaning solutions.

You can also easily remove soap scum from shower doors and walls with the help of vinegar. Mix 1 part white vinegar with 1 part dish soap. Using a spray bottle, spray the surfaces with the solution and let it sit for 30 minutes. Then, scrub the surfaces by hand and rinse. Completely dry the glass door after using this solution to leave it shiny and streak free.


Don't forget to clean the showerhead! Limescale buildup in the holes of the showerhead is a common occurrence. To get rid of it, soak the showerhead in the vinegar solution for a couple of hours, then give it a good scrub. If your showerhead is attached to the wall, fill a plastic bag with the vinegar solution, immerse the shower head in it and tie the bag to the shower head or attach it with rubber bands.


Shower curtains can also accumulate soap scum or mildew. To prevent this, spray some vinegar on the curtains a couple times a week and don't rinse.


Now to the grossest part of the shower cleaning routine that many people understandably tend to avoid. But as with everything, it'll be easier to keep your shower clean and well functioning if you don't skip this part. Wearing rubber gloves, use something like an old crochet hook to pull out the tangled hair and buildup from the drain. Once most of it is out and disposed of, you can dissolve any remaining debris with drain cleaner. Leave it for as long as the label tells you to, then rinse.

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