How Much Will it Cost to Repair My Inground Pool?

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Cracks in a swimming pool are common and can cost more to repair.

An in-ground swimming pool will deliver many hours of fun to its owner and her family and friends. No in-ground swimming pool, however, is maintenance-free. Unfortunately, an in-ground swimming pool can develop a problem that requires repair to its liner, for example. A concrete swimming pool can also develop cracks in and around its basin that necessitate repair, as well. Because an in-ground pool is filled with water, some repairs are complex and will require special attention, meaning possible higher costs, too.

Repair Costs

Swimming pools can develop a variety of issues that will necessitate repair. According to the Service Magic website, average repair costs vary by region. For example, Phoenix-area swimming pool repair costs average $400, while Houston, Texas, averages $1,000. Service Magic, though, also says that most pool repairs tend to be lower or higher than average. Common repair costs for swimming pools usually run in the $100 to $200 or $750 to $1,200 range, depending on the region and repair complexity.

Common Repairs

Rips in a swimming pool's vinyl liner or cracks in its cement are common repair problems. Another common swimming pool repair problem is leaks around swimming pool filter pumps, lines and fittings. Openings from rips, tears or cracks in a swimming pool can lead to water leaks. Unfortunately, it's not recommended to just drain a swimming pool to get at a leak so other measures are needed. Happily, many swimming pool repairs to pool liners or basins are do-it-yourself type jobs.

Vinyl Liners

If you own a vinyl liner swimming pool and the liner leaks, you should try to repair it. Replacing an in-ground pool's vinyl liner rather than repairing any rips or tears will mean buying a new liner and then draining and refilling the pool. Simple leaks in vinyl swimming pool liners can be repaired with patch kits, even if they're under water. Vinyl swimming pool liner patch and repair solutions, at the time of publication, cost from $1.20 up to $25.92.

Fiberglass Pools

Many swimming pools feature a fiberglass liner rather than a vinyl or concrete basin. Fiberglass pool liners are nonporous, so they're inexpensive to maintain and rarely develop cracks or leaks. However, if you have a fiberglass pool and its liner needs resurfacing or repair, expect to pay quite a bit just for materials. For example, one pool resurfacing website says 1 gallon of do-it-yourself refinishing gel-coat for fiberglass pool liners costs $155.


Other issues that can necessitate swimming pool repair are pool pump problems brought on by poor maintenance. In addition, breakdowns of other swimming pool equipment such as lights, railings and ladders will require repair. Avoid swimming pool repair issues by staying on top of required maintenance, especially when it comes to pool pumps and filtration units. If you own a vinyl liner swimming pool prevent tears or rips in its liner by keeping sharp or abrasive objects out of the pool.

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