How Long Does It Take for a Daisy to Grow?

Daisies are a perennial flowering plant commonly grown in gardens. Perennial plants survive winter dormant periods and grow fresh from the roots each year. The plants above-ground growth occurs new each growing season. Some varieties of daisies reach heights of several feet, accomplishing all the growth during the early part of the summer growing season.

Daisies grow from the roots each year.

Daisy Heights

While dwarf daisies grow to about 12 inches each summer some of the full-sized varieties can grow to 30 inches. The plants reach this full height between the start of growth in the spring and the blooming time in the summer. For the larger varieties, this can mean growth of several inches per week.

Encouraging Growth

Pinch or clip off the leading stem of the plant when it is about 8 inches tall. This encourages the plant to expend energy growing out into a bushier form that bears more flowers. Deadheading the flowers after the bloom is complete promotes continued blooming.

Dividing Daisies

Daisies can be propagated from seed, cuttings or divided roots. Plants from seeds commonly develop slowest and should be started in containers indoors about four weeks before the seedlings can be transplanted outdoors. Divide and plant roots in the spring of the year before the daisy comes out of dormancy and shows signs of growth.

First-Year Growth

Most perennials have limited blossoms during their first year of growth. Some gardeners pinch off the buds of first-year daisy plants to prevent blossoms. This allows the plant to put more energy into the roots of the plant, encouraging vigorous growth in future years.