What Needs to Be Thrown Away in a Bed Bug Infestation?

Controlling bed bugs and properly handling infested furniture is the only way to make sure that the bed bugs don't bite while you're trying to sleep tight. Bed bug infestations can find their way into your home from hotel stays, neighboring homes or by accidentally bringing in infested furniture. Certain bedding should be disposed of once a bed bug infestation occurs.

Bed bugs can hide in mattresses, couches and bedding.


During a bed bug infestation, treat mattresses with pesticides or cold treatments administered by a pest control professional. Once bed bugs have been killed and the mattress has been thoroughly vacuumed, it may continue to be used. If the mattress has not been treated, throw it away. Always seal bed bug contaminated mattresses inside a plastic bag and mark the mattress with an infestation warning to deter others from taking and using it.


Like mattresses, an exterminator can typically treat furniture to kill bed bugs that have nested in the furnishing, but furniture that has not been treated, or you no longer feel comfortable using, should be properly disposed of. Place a warning on infested furniture that it contains bed bugs and immediately transport the couch, or other furniture, to a landfill. Avoid leaving bed bug infested furniture in common areas for trash pick-up, as bugs may make their way into surrounding homes.


Sheets, pillows, and comforters provide an ideal place for bed bugs to hide. Disposing of infested bedding will assist in controlling the infestation. Place all infested bedding into a plastic bag before disposal to avoid transferring the bugs to other areas. After getting rid of bed bug-ridden bedding, do not purchase new bedding until the infestation is under control. If bed bugs are still present, they will move into the new bedding and perpetuate the infestation.

Pet Bedding

Animal beds and plush toys provide an additional place of refuge for bed bugs in an infested home. Unfortunately, pet bedding cannot be effectively treated for infestations and thus is best thrown away. Remove pet beds and soft toys, and dispose of them in the same fashion as human bedding. Also, be sure to wash your pet thoroughly to remove any bed bugs that may have attached to your pet's fur.