Bosch Dishwasher Fails to Stop

Bosch is a leader in the manufacture of water- and energy-efficient home appliances. Bosch dishwashers are considered sturdy, long-lasting and typically trouble-free. Any machine with moving parts that are subject to wear, however, may develop a problem that requires troubleshooting and repair. If your Bosch dishwasher won't stop running or won't complete the wash cycle, then some troubleshooting tips may help.

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Proper loading helps a dishwasher clean effectively.

Clogged Drain

If a Bosch dishwasher fails to drain, it may continue to run in an attempt to complete the wash cycle. The problem may be as simple as a clogged drain. A small bottle cap, glass chip or other debris may block the drain. Also, mineral deposits can build up in the drain line and slow drainage.

Diagnostic Feature

Using a Bosch dishwasher's built-in diagnostic feature can help isolate the reason the appliance won't stop running. Press the dishwasher's "Power Scrub" and "Regular Wash" buttons at the same time, and then press its power button. Afterward, a light on the control panel will illuminate, indicating a fault. If the "Wash" light comes on, then the problem is a heating fault. If the "Rinse/Dry light displays, the dishwasher has a water-filling fault. If the "Clean" light illuminates, then the termpeature sensor is malfunctioning.

Control Panel

When a Bosch dishwasher fails to stop, the problem may be the result of a faulty control panel. Disconnect the dishwasher from its electricity source. Inspecting the control panel may reveal a burned-out solder joint. Some Bosch dishwasher models manufactured from 1999 to 2005 were recalled due to a control panel malfunction that may ignite a fire. Locate your dishwasher's model number, and contact your Bosch appliance dealer or the Bosch website for further information about that model.

Wash Cycle Reset

Shutting off the dishwasher, resetting the wash cycle and allowing the machine to run a complete wash cycle may solve the problem.

A Bosch dishwasher, however, cannot operate if its pump malfunctions and causes a drainage problem. Pump repair involves removing and dismantling the pump. If you are not experienced in pump repair, it is best to call an authorized Bosch service technician to fix the pump.

Bosch replacement parts can be ordered online and from Bosch appliance dealers.