Hydrogen Peroxide for Boosting Plant Growth

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Hydrogen peroxide has many beneficial applications for your plants.

Hydrogen peroxide is usually associated with disinfecting and cleaning, but it can also benefit the growth of your plants. From sprouting seeds to your mature plants, hydrogen peroxide will give a boost anytime during the growing cycle. Hydrogen peroxide can kill infections and diseases on your plants and improve your hydroponic plants. The application of a hydrogen peroxide solution, whether sprayed or introduced into the soil, can create a stronger, healthier garden.

About Hydrogen Peroxide

Similar in chemical structure to water, H2O, hydrogen peroxide, H2O2, differs with two oxygen atoms instead of one. The added oxygen, when used with plants, will increase the available oxygen to the roots, giving the plant stronger roots and a healthier plant. The common hydrogen peroxide found in your local drugstore only contains 10 percent H2O2, while food grade hydrogen peroxide is 35 percent, and more beneficial to plants once it is diluted with water.

Seeds and Seedlings

When you soak your seeds in a solution of 1 cup water and seven to 10 drops of food grade hydrogen peroxide, your seeds will germinate faster and the developing roots will be larger and stronger. Seedlings watered with the same formulated solution will also grow faster, have a stronger and larger root system with the seedling plant thicker and healthier.


Watering your plants with hydrogen peroxide mixed with water will free up and add oxygen in the soil. This allows the roots to take up additional nutrients and water to feed to the plant, boosting the plant's growth. Two tsp. of food grade hydrogen peroxide mixed with 1 gallon of water used at every watering, or every other watering, increases the plant's strength and health. For hydroponic growing, use the same equation for your water grow tank. The hydrogen peroxide adds the extra oxygen atom to the grow water, something that some hydroponically grown plants have difficulty accessing.


Hydrogen peroxide can also boost the growth of your plants by cleaning the soil, or growing water tank, of harmful bacterias and fungus. The same mixture you use to water your plants automatically cleans the soil of bacteria and fungus that can slow your plant's growth. When sprayed on plants infected with powdery mildew or mold, a diluted mixture of hydrogen peroxide will kill the disease. Added to hydroponic growing and your plants will be protected from rhizoctonia, pythium and phytophthora organisms which often attack hydroponic plants.


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