How to Assemble a Captain's Bed

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Things You'll Need

  • Captain’s bed kit

  • Screwdriver

  • Wrench

Most captain's beds are twin-size beds complete with drawers, instead of the normal empty space beneath the bed. Some models also have built-in cabinet or bookshelf space along the headboard. While many versions and styles exist, many of these beds can be found in children's rooms or areas with little room where space maximization is needed. The concept of a captain's bed is to utilize as much space as possible while still providing comfort.

Step 1

Build the headboard. If the bed comes with a headboard that has cabinet or shelf space, it should be constructed according to the manufacturer's instructions first. Most headboards can be screwed together in pieces. Place the pieces on the ground flat to connect them together. Secure the shelves in place with the metal dowels or brackets.

Step 2

Empty out and separate the pieces from the captain's bed kit. If the kit comes with drawers, they need to be assembled according to the manufacturer's directions. Most drawers will come pre-fabricated and simply need to be screwed into place.

Step 3

Assemble the frame. Set the headboard against the wall and place the footboard down across from the headboard. Use the screwdriver to screw the metal bracket on each side of the headboard and footboard for support. Place the long rails so they rest perpendicular between the footboard and headboard on the brackets.

Step 4

Place the drawers under the frame in the pre-fabricated holes. Make sure you remove one of the long rails if you place the bed on carpet, so the drawers will fit properly. Put the bed slates between the long rails so they are perpendicular as well. The slates should be spaced equal distances apart so the mattress will be stable.

Step 5

Lay the box spring on the bed frame or on the top of the drawer space (depending on the model). Place the mattress on top of the box spring and affix the sheets to complete the assembly process.


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