A Savoy humidor is a brand of cigar humidor crafted from high quality wood veneers and lined with fragrant Spanish cedar. These humidors are available in three sizes -- small, medium and large -- and in six different wood finishes. Proper cigar storage is essential to proper burning and taste. Cigars are best when kept below 73 degrees F., and at a humidity level between 65 and 72 percent. Once you set up a Savoy humidor and meet the proper temperature and humidity levels, it's fairly easy to maintain the correct atmosphere for your cigars.

Cigars require proper storage for the best flavor and burn.

Step 1

Dampen a clean cloth with distilled water or propylene glycol. Wipe the interior and exterior of the humidor. Do not saturate it.

Step 2

Place a damp sponge or a shot glass full of distilled water or propylene glycol on top of a plastic bag. Position it inside the humidor, making certain the sponge or glass doesn't touch the wood.

Step 3

Attach the supplied humidifier and hygrometer to the inside of the lid. If your model has a bottom humidifier, place it in the bottom holder.

Step 4

Close the humidor for 12 to 24 hours, then remove the sponge or shot glass. Check the settings. The humidor is ready for storage when the hygrometer registers over 65 percent humidity. If necessary, dampen the sponge and repeat the process until the proper humidity level is met. Make certain the proper moisture and temperature are created and stabilized prior to storing any cigars.

Step 5

Place the cigars into the humidor, making certain they don't block the humidifiers.

Step 6

Check the humidity level every two weeks to begin with, to assure maintenance of a consistent level. After the humidity levels out, add distilled water only once a month.