Husqvarna Lawn Tractor Troubleshooting

By Vanessa Ryan

Husqvarna manufactures a wide range of power equipment and tools for the construction and forestry industries, as well as the homeowner. The Husqvarna home product line includes robotic mowers, walk-behind lawn mowers, and riding lawn tractors. Husqvarna lawn tractors are suitable for mowing large residential properties, commercial properties, and sports fields. If you experience minor performance problems with your lawn tractor, you can usually return it to working order yourself without having to call for service.

Husqvarna lawn tractors are effective for large, residential lawns.

Step 1

Fill the tank with fuel and move the throttle to the "Choke" position if the tractor will not start. Inspect the wiring around the engine, and tighten any loose wires. Wait for five to 10 minutes if you suspect the engine has been flooded.

Step 2

Inspect the air filter, and bang it out to remove excess dust or debris, or replace it with a new one if the tractor takes time to get going. Also, tighten any loose wires, and replace the battery if the lawn tractor is still slow starting.

Step 3

Press your foot down on the brake, and disengage the attachment clutch if the engine will not turn over. Replace the fuse as an additional fix.

Step 4

Clean caked on grass, dirt, or leaves from the underside of the tractor if the grass is cutting unevenly. Tighten the cutting blades if they are loose, or have them replaced if they appear warped.

Step 5

Adjust the tire pressure so all the tires are equal, and slow your traveling speed if the grass is not discharging evenly from the mower chute. Clean any debris from the bottom of the tractor, and wait for the grass to dry if it has rained.