How to Display a Chinese Silk Fan With a Stand

Fans have played a significant role in Chinese culture for over 3,000 years. The first fans were made from bird feathers. Over time, material choices broadened with the addition of silk fans. Chinese scholars and artists would use the fans as a way to display their writings and paintings. If you own a Chinese silk fan, using a stand for display keeps it in an upright and open position for all to enjoy.

A silk fan can add to your home decor.

Step 1

Unfold the Chinese silk fan by gripping the sides of the folded fan and gently pulling apart. Pull the fan open as wide as it will go. Do not force it at any point, because this can damage the delicate silk fabric.

Step 2

Place the fan onto the stand. Some fan stands unfold; others come ready to use. Stands may be made from metal, wood or plastic. Set the fan on the stand so that it balances without falling, with the arms of the stand touching it for support.

Step 3

Select the location where your Chinese silk fan will go on display. Choose an area large enough to accommodate the unfolded fan. Measure the fan's height, including the stand, and the fan's width if you are unsure it will fit in the desired location.