5 Super Creative Benches You Can Build

You're about to get benched – and we mean this in the best of ways. If you've been thinking about building a homemade bench for your home or garden, look no further than these 5 creative DIYs.

DIY Benches
credit: Marisa Hice | Tim and Mary Vidra | Sarah Hamilton

1. Turn an Old Coffee Table Into a Woven Bench Seat

You'll be amazed at . (Now aren't you glad you didn't sell that old table on Craigslist?)

Woven rope bench
credit: Charlotte Smith

2. Create an Eye-Catching Seat From a Plain Pallet

What can't a pallet do? Now it's just showing off. Find out how to . Some disassembly required.

Pallet bench
credit: Sonya Nimri

3. Build a Super Cool Industrial Bench Seat

When plumbing and wood come together, they can't help but . Your entryway wants this. No, it needs this.

Industrial bench made with wood and pipes
credit: Tim & Mary Vidra, 17 Apart

4. Use Simple Materials to Make an Outdoor Bench

We're not kidding when we say simple. Pre-cut wood and painted cinder blocks make a no brainer.

Outdoor bench made of wood and cinder blocks
credit: Sarah Hamilton

5. Before & After: Wooden Storage Bench Makeover

See how a fuddy-duddy flea market find turns into a piece of furniture.

Storage bench
credit: Marisa Hice

Laurie Gunning Grossman

Laurie Gunning Grossman

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