How to Get Food Grease Out of Nylon

Nylon is a type of synthetic fabric that is most often used to make various items of clothing. It's a fairly strong and durable fabric that can take quite a beating in terms of wear and tear. However, this does not mean that it can resist things like a food grease stain. If you find a food grease stain on an item of nylon clothing, working fast and using appropriate cleaning strategies can help save the clothing and remove the stain for good.

Certain types of foods are more likely to leave a grease stain.

Step 1

Pour grease-cutting dish-washing detergent onto the food grease stain on the nylon. Using it directly will help fight the grease stain immediately.

Step 2

Let the grease-cutting detergent stay directly on the food grease for about five minutes. This allows the detergent to start breaking down the grease stain.

Step 3

Rinse the nylon thoroughly with cool water. Let it dry naturally and check the stain. If you can still see it, continue.

Step 4

Add some ammonia to a cloth and blot the food grease stain. This can be an effective pre-treatment before washing the nylon in your laundry machine. Let it sit for five minutes.

Step 5

Add a cap full of regular detergent to the washing machine. Wash the nylon clothing as you normally would. Let it air-dry and check to be sure the grease stain is completely removed. Putting the nylon in the dryer can set the stain permanently.