How to Triple Sheet a Bed

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Things You'll Need

  • Fitted sheet

  • Two flat sheets

  • Comforter

  • Bed spread or decorative bed scarf

Some hotel beds are triple sheeted, a concept you can use at home.

Triple sheeting is a style of bed making that uses multiple layers of sheets, blankets, and bedspread-like covers. It is often found in upscale hotels. Besides style, one advantage of triple sheeting is that in theory the sheets can be washed less because you have a choice which "layer" you want to sleep under. For example sleeping between the first and second sheet will keep the blanket and top sheet clean while sleeping between the top sheet and blanket keeps the first sheets clean. It also allows one or two top sheets to be removed for cleaning keeping another sheet and cover on the bed for use in between washes.

Step 1

Place the fitted sheet on the mattress making sure each elastic corner is evenly positioned over each mattress corner. The elastic corners should wrap around the edges holding the sheet in place.

Step 2

Go to the foot of the bed and hold the bottom end of one of the flat sheets. Open it up and face the bed. Lift it up holding it on each end into the air to billow it out and allow it to fall gently onto the bed. Go to the head of the bed and pull the flat sheet up so that it is even and the top end is flush with the end of the top of the mattress.

Step 3

Go back to the foot of the bed and pull any of the bunching out. Do not tuck this sheet in but let it hang evenly and naturally from the bed.

Step 4

Take the comforter or blanket and hold it at its bottom ends at the foot of the bed. As you did with the flat sheet lift it up into the air and allow it to billow out and land on the bed. Make sure it is even on each side of the bed with some overhang on each side.

Step 5

Go to the head of the bed and verify the top of the blanket or comforter is even and straight. Fold down the top of the comforter or blanket about two hand widths so the top portion lays on top of the blanket itself. Fold down the top of the flat sheet underneath so it covers the folded down portion of the blanket.

Step 6

Return to the foot of the bed tuck in the length of the blanket and flat sheet underneath the mattress. There will be two hanging ends on each side of the foot of the bed with both the flat sheet and blanket fabric visible. Grasp the tip of one of these ends so that the flat sheet is inside the blanket and lift the whole hanging end towards the foot of the bed while moving the tip toward the middle section of the bed end. Tuck this whole section of fabric under the mattress. Repeat this "hospital corners" style of tucking on the other side and smooth out any creases or bunched up sections.

Step 7

Place the second flat sheet on top of the comforter/blanket making sure it is flush with the top of the mattress and even on the sides. Tuck in at the bottom if desired.

Step 8

Billow out the spread sheet and allow it to fall evenly over the top flat sheet. Let it hang freely on the sides, bottom, and bottom corners. Smooth out any bunches or creases. Turn down about two hand widths of the top flat sheet over the top of the bedspread if desired for look. If using a duvet instead of a bed spread lay the duvet longways across the bottom of the bed. The bottom end should be flush at the edge of the mattress with even lengths hanging off either side of the bed.

Step 9

Place four to five pillows at the head of the bed covering any turn downs. For example, if using five pillows place three pillows upright against the headboard. Place the other two in front of the first three in the center.

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