How to Remove a Drain Pan for a Refrigerator

The drain pan on a refrigerator is where condensation and water drips down from the condensation coils or during a defrost cycle. The defrost pan should be removed from the refrigerator approximately once a year to be cleaned or emptied if the pan becomes full. Removing the drain pan from the refrigerator is a relatively simple task, but you should only remove the drain pan while the refrigerator is unplugged and turned off.

Lift up and pull forward on the front bottom grille to remove and access the drain pan.

Step 1

Place towels underneath the front of the refrigerator.

Step 2

Open the front bottom grille panel on the refrigerator. There may be screws on either side holding it in place, or it may just pop forward for removal.

Step 3

Grab the drain pan and carefully pull it up and forward to remove it. Any water in the pan may splash out, so move slowly.

Step 4

Clean the drain pan with warm water and a few drops of liquid dish soap before you replace it in the refrigerator.