How to Troubleshoot Swimming Pool Scum on the Surface

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Things You'll Need

  • Pool net

  • Pool shock

  • Pool vacuum


Use a water testing kit to verify that the chlorine levels are safe before reopening your pool. Never enter the pool right after shocking it because the chlorine levels will not be safe for swimming at that time.

Pool scum detracts from the look and safety of pool water.

A pool is only as useful as the quality of its water. While clean and properly disinfected water will provide a fun and safe swimming atmosphere, water that is improperly treated can be ugly to look at and also has the potential to make people sick who come into contact with it. If you notice pool scum forming on the water surface, it needs to be addressed immediately to ensure your water remains healthy for swimming.


Step 1

Remove any large debris from the pool using a fine pool net. Debris can collect in a pool and result in mold or algae forming that contributes to pool scum.

Step 2

Rinse off your pool filter thoroughly in accordance with your specific filter's instructions and clean it off. The filter won't work properly if it is clogged, and as a result the unfiltered water can develop pool scum.

Step 3

Turn on your pool filter once it is cleaned and keep it on until the water is clear of scum. The filter will help clean the water and get rid of the scum problem.


Step 4

Add pool shock to the pool, which is a high dose of chlorine that affects the pH levels to kill off any mold or algae spores along with other microorganisms that could contribute to pool scum formation.

Step 5

Vacuum the pool using a pool vacuum to eliminate any remaining scum or debris from the water. The combination of cleaning tactics and pool shocking should get rid of the source of the pool scum while also removing the scum that has already accumulated.



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