How to Build a Canopy Bed Frame

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Things You'll Need

  • Lumber 2-by-8 inch

  • Lumber 2-by-4 inch

  • Lumber 2-by-2 inch

  • Plywood, 1/2 inch

  • Saw

  • Deck screws, 2 1/2 inch

  • Drill

  • Helpers

  • Bolts, 5 inch

  • Nuts

  • Ladder

Make your own luxurious canopy bed frame.

Canopy beds have tall bed posts with a top frame for attaching curtains or drapes and are the epitome of luxury and style when it comes to bedroom furniture. While a canopy bed can set you back thousands of dollars, it is relatively inexpensive to make your own out of lumber and a lot simpler than most would expect. With a bit of wood-working savvy, you can create a queen-sized canopy bed frame.

Step 1

Cut the 2-by-8 lumber into two lengths of 84 inches and two lengths of 62 inches with a saw for the frame of the queen sized canopy bed. Cut the 2-by-4 lumber into four lengths of 62 inches for the mattress cleats and into four lengths of 80 inches for the bed posts. Cut the 2-by-2 lumber into two lengths of 84 inches and two lengths of 66 inches for the canopy and cut the plywood into a mattress support of 62-by-80 inches.

Step 2

Form the 2-by-8 frame pieces into a rectangle frame, the ends of the 62-inch planks abutting the inside edge of the 84-inch planks to form corners. Screw the frame together with two deck screws through the side of the 84-inch planks into the ends of the 62-inch planks.

Step 3

Insert the cleats crossways into the frame. The first two cleats should be flush with the 62-inch planks of the frame, and the second two evenly spaced in the middle. All of the cleats should be flush with the bottom of the frame. Secure the cleats in place with two deck screws through the side of the frames into the ends of the cleats.

Step 4

Lay two of the bed posts down flat on the work surface, 84 inches apart. Place one of the 84-inch canopy planks over the top of the posts, flush with the top of the posts. Secure in place with two deck screws through each end of the canopy plank into the post. Repeat with remaining 84-inch canopy plank and bed posts.

Step 5

Stand the posts upright, canopy planks at the top, and position them on either side of the bed frame. The sides of the bed posts should be flush with the ends of the frame. Ask your helpers to raise the frame so that it is 10 inches from the ground. Secure the posts to the frame at this height using the bolts, four through each post into the frame sides, securing them on the inside with nuts.

Step 6

Climb the ladder and have a helper pass you a 66-inch canopy plank. Position the plank over the end of the bed, between the two bed posts -- the plank will be long enough to go over the sides of the bed post. Secure in place with two deck screws through the plank into the side of the bed post. Repeat with remaining canopy plank on the other end of the bed to finish the canopy bed frame.


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