How to Make a Toilet Snake Yourself

A toilet snake, or auger, is not a standard tool found in many homes' bathrooms, unlike a plunger. If you have a clogged toilet and have already enlisted the use of a plunger but found it ineffective, it is possible to fashion a homemade toilet snake yourself when you do not have a standard snake available. Use this homemade device to reach and fish out the blockage in the toilet's drain that the plunger could not remove.

A wire coat hanger can become a homemade toilet snake.

Step 1

Straighten out the twists in a wire coat hanger. Keep the curve on the end of the hanger. Put on rubber gloves to protect your skin, as well as goggles to protect any water from splashing into your eyes. Place a bucket beside the toilet.

Step 2

Insert the curved end of the hanger through the drain in the bottom of the toilet bowl. Carefully push the hanger forward into the drain and work the hanger from side to side, to catch onto or break up the clog. Be gentle so that you do not scratch the porcelain toilet.

Step 3

Pull any blockage back out of the drain with the hook on the end of the hanger. Dispose of any material that you pull out of the drain with the hanger in the bucket.