How to Remove Old Wax From Floors Without Chemicals and With a Homemade Solution

Resilient sheet flooring, such as linoleum and vinyl, is generally coated with wax layers for added protection and sheen. Wax buildup, however, eventually discolors floors with a dull, yellow tint. Areas of floors with infrequent traffic are especially prone to yellow wax accumulation. Stripping old wax is necessary to rejuvenate your floor's original color, shine and appearance. Since commercial stripping agents often contain harsh chemical agents that can damage flooring, remove old wax with a homemade solution.

Remove old wax before coating a floor with fresh wax.

Step 1

Sweep the floor to dislodge dust, grit and grime. Remove as much loose gunk as possible.

Step 2

Combine 1 gallon of warm water, 1 cup of household ammonia and 1 cup of white vinegar in a bucket. Mix the liquids well.

Step 3

Focus on a 2-by-2-foot section of the floor. Using a nylon brush, scrub the floor section with the homemade solution. Gently scrub the floor with super-fine steel wool to dislodge stubborn wax.

Step 4

Strip the remaining 2-by-2-foot sections of the floor until all wax is removed. Periodically prepare fresh solution for the bucket.

Step 5

Refill the bucket with plain cool water. Using a sponge mop, rinse the entire floor with the cool water.

Step 6

Wipe clean towels over the floor to dry the surface.