How to Remove Lint From Cotton Socks

By J. Johnson

After you dry certain items of clothing in your clothes dryer, particularly cotton socks, you might find that they have a great deal of lint on them. Cotton will naturally form its own lint, which will then stick to the sock, and they might pick up lint from other items in the dryer.

Cotton socks can be lint-free once again.

Step 1

Run a commercial lint roller over your cotton socks. Sometimes this can be enough to remove the lint.

Step 2

Wrap heavy-duty tape around the palm of your hand with the sticky side facing outward. Press it into the cotton socks forcefully. This can remove really stuck-on lint.

Step 3

Remove the lint before your cotton socks even leave the dryer by adding a piece of nylon netting to the load. The lint on the cotton socks will be attracted to the netting.

Step 4

Clean out the lint trap on your dryer using your vacuum cleaner hose attachment. This will keep lint from other items of clothing off your socks.