How to Program Elgin Alarm Clocks

The Elgin company manufacturers a line of alarm clocks for both home and travel use. All Elgin alarm clocks feature a very simple interface of buttons that are used for setting the time, creating an alarm and turning the alarm on or off. Before starting to program an Elgin alarm clock, the device must have working batteries or be plugged into a standard electrical outlet.

You can program a one-time alarm on Elgin alarm clocks.

Step 1

Move the dial on the front of the Elgin alarm clock to the spot labeled "TIM SET."

Step 2

Press the "HOUR" and "MIN" buttons to adjust the clock's current time.

Step 3

Move the clock's dial to the "ALM SET" position.

Step 4

Press the "HOUR" and "MIN" buttons to enter the time you want the alarm to start.

Step 5

Move the dial to the "ALM ON" position to enable the alarm clock. If you are not ready to enable the alarm clock yet, move the dial to the "ALM OFF" position.