Coconut shell candles can bring a warm, tropical feeling to the rooms in your home. In the bathroom, they offer a spa-like feel. In the living room, they create a beach villa atmosphere that makes you feel like you're on vacation. Coconut shell candles are easy to make and you can add exotic scents like mango or pineapple. In just a few hours, escape to the tropics!


Place the coconut on a flat surface. Ask someone to hold the coconut steady for you as you crack it in half. Put the flat-head screwdriver on the upper coconut where the dimples are. Using the hammer, tap the top of the coconut until it cracks in half. Pour out the coconut milk and scoop out the meat.

For a glossy finish, use sandpaper to sand away the fibers until the surface is smooth, then rinse it with warm water. Scoop up some wax in your hand and rub it over the outer shell in a circular motion -- just like applying moisturizer to your skin. Do this until the surface is glossy.

Place the coconut halves on a flat surface and put the wicks into the center of them. Fill the pot with water to the halfway mark and heat it up, but don't boil the water. When the water is hot, place cubes of wax into the preserve jar and then put the jar in the center of the pot of water. Using the end of a wooden spoon, stir the wax until it's melted. Add in the scented cubes and continue to stir until it's blended.

Pull on your oven mitts and take the jar of hot wax out of the pot. Ask someone else to wear oven mitts and hold the coconut shell steady with one hand while holding the wick straight up with the other. Carefully pour the wax into each coconut shell until it's filled a little over halfway.

Let the candles stand for about four hours before you light them. If there is any wax left in the jar, put a lid on it and save it for your next candle-making session.