Sauder Furniture Assembly Instructions

Sauder, a North American provider of ready-to-assemble furniture, offers more than 500 products that run the gamut from office furniture to bedroom furniture. Some of the furniture that Sauder produces includes computer desks, home entertainment centers, dressers, nightstands and many other items. Sauder also offers a wide variety of furniture styles that include contemporary, country, traditional and transitional. Sauder ready-to-assemble furniture comes with easy to follow instructions that someone with basic skills can complete. One of the components used in Sauder furniture is the hidden cam and cam dowel system, which is used to join adjoining components of Sauder furniture.

Sauder produces a full suite of ready-to-assemble furniture such as HDTV stands.

Using Hidden Cam and Cam Dowel System

Step 1

Place the hidden cam into the large hole of the part. Refer to the instructions for hole locations.

Step 2

Slide the metal end of the cam dowel into the hole located in the edge of the part and into the hidden cam.

Step 3

Put the adjoining parts together through inserting the cam dowel into the hole in the adjoining part.

Step 4

Tighten and lock the cam through turning the cam 210 degrees clockwise using a flat edge screwdriver.

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