How to Clean Bird Droppings From a Patio

You enjoy listening to the melodious songs of the various birds in your backyard. You feed them, watch them and consider yourself lucky to have them... until their bird droppings encroach on your personal space. When your patio becomes a public restroom for birds, your cheerful feathered friends can turn into your worst enemies. Do not let disease-ridden bird droppings ruin your outdoor enjoyment. These easy steps will help you get rid of bird droppings on your patio once and for all.

If possible, remove bird droppings before they have baked in the sun.

Brush It Off

Use a brush with stiff bristles or wires.

Step 1

Pour water over the droppings. You can use a watering can, hose or spray bottle. Wetting the droppings before you remove them eliminates the disease-ridden dust that can be inhaled from dry droppings.

Step 2

Wait at least 15 minutes to make sure the droppings are really saturated.

Step 3

Firmly brush the droppings into a dustpan.

Step 4

Put the remains of the dustpan into a heavy-duty plastic bag and tightly tie it off.

Step 5

Throw the bag away in an outdoor garbage can.

Shovel It Off

A scraper can be used instead of a shovel if the job is small.

Step 6

Saturate the droppings with water.

Step 7

Wait at least 15 minutes to make sure the water has completely soaked the droppings.

Step 8

Shovel the droppings. Apply pressure to ensure they are completely scraped away from the patio.

Step 9

Collect the droppings into a dustpan.

Step 10

Empty the dustpan into a secure plastic bag or another type of container.

Step 11

Throw the bag away outside with your garbage.

Hose It Off


Step 12

Completely wet the droppings.

Step 13

Wait at least 15 minutes to ensure that the droppings have absorbed all the water.

Step 14

Spray a high-powered water hose at the soiled patio. Make sure you spray away from yourself and your house. Make sure children and pets are away from you.

Step 15

Spray the droppings off any walkways or other areas that are used by foot traffic. This will ensure that the droppings do not get caught in shoes and brought into the house.

Use Chemicals

Always keep chemicals away from children and pets.

Step 16

Buy chemical cleaners at your local hardware store or online. Green chemicals, made without hazardous materials, can be found. Pick a cleaner suitable for your type of patio -- wood, brick, tile.

Step 17

Wear a face make to ensure that you do not inhale the product.

Step 18

Carefully follow the directions on the bottle of the chemical you choose. Do not take shortcuts.