Due to constantly being exposed to outdoor elements, a wooden deck can take a beating. The sun can cause the wood to fade, while rain and snow can contribute to water spots, mildew and mold. Add dirt, dust, leaves, and sticks to the mixture and you can have quite a mess on your hands. While commercial deck cleaning products are widely available, one of the most effective ways to clean your deck is by using a homemade wooden deck cleaner. Oxygen bleach is effective at removing dirt, dust, stain and mildew from decks. Unlike chlorine-based bleach, it won't harm any landscaping that it might come into contact with during the rinsing process.

A good cleaner can clean and restore the natural beauty to your wooden deck.

Step 1

Fill a bucket with a gallon of hot water. Add 1 cup of oxygen bleach. to the water. For hard to remove stains or mold, 2 cups per gallon of water can be added.

Step 2

Allow the oxygen bleach to dissolve in the water. As it's dissolving, you will see it fizz. This is completely normal.

Step 3

Spray the deck with a hose to remove dirt, dust and residue. In lieu of a hose, a pressure washer can be used on the lowest setting, however, if your wood is old or has peeling paint, this can cause more damage.

Step 4

Dip a scrubbing brush into the cleaning mixture. Scrub the solution into any spots, stains, mold and mildew. Once the stains have been pretreated, use a deck mop to distribute the solution over the remainder of the deck, or continue using the scrubbing brush along the entire surface of the deck.

Step 5

Allow the cleaning solution to work into the deck for approximately 20 minutes. Use a hose to spray away all soap residue.

Step 6

Use a towel to soak up any large water puddles. Allow the rest of the deck to air dry. If needed, repeat the process on any remaining spots or stains.