How to Locate Ford Tractor Serial Numbers

How to locate the serial number of a Ford tractor depends on the manufacture date. The serial number is able to tell you the specifics about the tractor. The number represents the model number of the tractor, the type of chassis, type of fuel used, type of transmission, exact date of production, where the tractor was manufactured and production number. Keep in mind when referring to the serial number that older tractors may have had parts replaced over the years.

Find the history of your tractor by decoding the serial number.

Step 1

Clean the area on the right side of the flywheel housing. Serial numbers for tractors manufactured between 1965 and 1975 are located toward the rear of the starter motor. Remove rust and dirt to reveal the serial number. You may need to look at different angles to be able to see the number. The serial numbers usually are not stamped very deep.

Step 2

Look on the engine block for serial numbers of tractors manufactured between 1939 and 1964. The serial number will begin with a star or diamond, followed by 8N or 9N, a sequence of numbers and end with a star or a diamond. The number should be on the left side of the engine block behind the oil filter.

Step 3

Use a reference guide to understand the serial number. Each letter or number in the serial number represents a fact about the tractor (see Resource).

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