How to Remove Anti-Slip Tape

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Things You'll Need

  • Variable temperature heat gun

  • Plastic razor blade or credit card

  • Mineral spirits, orange oil or other adhesive remover

  • Paper towels


Reflective anti-slip tape plays the dual role of providing traction and increasing visibility.

Anti-slip tape is similar to grip tape used on skateboards tops.

You can remove anti-slip tape without causing damage to the surface below. Anti-slip tape is a self-adhesive strip used to increase traction. The non-skid material is often applied to horizontal surfaces like stairs and shower floors. Most anti-slip tape tears apart when attempts are made to rip it up without preparation. Take all the old worn and damaged anti-slip tape off regularly used surfaces so they can be replaced with new strips.


Step 1

Plug in the heat gun. Set the temperature to the lowest heat setting or 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 2

Hold the end of the heat gun about three inches above the surface of the anti-slip tape. Evenly distribute the heat over a four inch square section of the tape that includes at least one corner. Turn off the heat gun and set it to the side after 30 seconds of heating.

Step 3

Slide the narrow edge of a rigid credit card or plastic razor blade under the hot corner until you have lifted a large enough section of the anti-slip tape to grip it between your thumb and index finger.


Step 4

Pull the anti-slip tape up slowly, so the free portion stays perpendicular to the original mounting surface. Stop pulling up when you nearly reach the end of the heated section. Turn on the heat gun and repeat the heating and peeling process to remove the remaining anti-slip tape.

Step 5

Test an inconspicuous section with a drop of mineral spirits on the same surface type as where the anti-slip tape was removed. Wait 10 minutes and wipe the test drop away to make sure the spirits do not cause discoloration. Use orange oil or another less harsh adhesive remover if the mineral spirits cause discoloration.


Step 6

Saturate the corner of a folded paper towel with the adhesive removal agent. Dab the soaked corner onto any tape adhesive remaining on the surface. Wait five minutes for the adhesive to become soft and tacky before attempting to scrape it away with the plastic edge.

Step 7

Reapply the adhesive remover with a clean paper towel until the surface is completely clean. Wait for at least an hour before attempting to place new anti-slip tape onto the surface.



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