How do I Convert a Recliner to a Power Lift Chair?

Medicaid reimburses the cost of seat-lift mechanisms for use with your regular furniture. The replacement rate varies by state, as does the amount of the reimbursement. According to the state of North Dakota Department of Health Services, in 2010 Medicaid reimbursed up to $390.45 once every five years toward the purchase of an electric or nonelectric lift mechanism. Purchasing a seat-lift mechanism to convert a recliner to a power lift chair makes it possible to keep your favorite recliner and is a financially viable alternative to buying a new power lift chair.

Convert your favorite recliner into a power lift chair.

Step 1

Lay the chair you are converting on its back.

Step 2

Position the top-front of the lift mechanism evenly with the bottom-front of your chair.

Step 3

Hold the lift mechanism against the bottom of the chair with your leg. Attach the U-bolts included with the mechanism over the base of the chair and through the holes on the mechanism. Attach the front U-bolts first.

Step 4

Attach the provided nuts to the U-bolts. Tighten them finger-tight.

Step 5

Repeat Steps 2 through 4 on the rear of the chair.

Step 6

Tighten all nuts finger-tight again.

Step 7

Thread the power cord through the back of the chair. Plug it into the lift mechanism's power adapter.

Step 8

Thread the mechanism's hand-controller cord through the side of the chair. Insert it into the quick-disconnect plug on the back of the lift mechanism.

Step 9

Attach the cord under the chair arm with the provided clamp and screw.

Lee Nichols

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