How to Remove the Front Panel on an LG Dryer DLG8388

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The LG DLG8388 dryer is a front load stackable dryer. As with all appliances, parts require servicing or replacement periodically. This most often happens after the service warranty runs out. You may opt to make repair yourself to avoid the cost of a service call. To access the drum, blower and motor of the LG requires some cabinet disassembly. Removing the front panel on an LG dryer DLG8388 gives access to the entire inside of the cabinet area.

Step 1

Disconnect the LG DLG8388 power cord from the electrical outlet. If you have the gas model, go behind the dryer and turn the gas supply valve handle so that it is perpendicular to the gas line. This shuts off the gas supply to the dryer.

Step 2

Move the dryer away from the wall enough that you can work behind it. Move the dryer only as far as the flexible gas line allows, if you have a gas dryer.

Step 3

Remove the three screws on the rear edge of the top cover with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Go to the front of the LG dryer and push the top cover toward the rear of the unit. Lift the top cover and set it out of your way.

Step 4

Look for the screws on the inside ends of the control console. Remove the screws with the Phillips-head screwdriver. Press the plastic tabs on each side of the wire connectors at the back of the control console with your fingers. Pull the connectors away from the control console.

Step 5

Lift the control console straight up and roll it forward to release it from the dryer. Open the LG dryer door and remove the two screws on the inside bottom lip of the door opening. Close the dryer door.

Step 6

Turn the four screws on the top edge of the front panel counter-clockwise with the screwdriver. Lift up on the front panel slightly and pull the top of the panel away from the dryer 6 inches and locate the door harness switch between the dryer and the inside of the front panel.

Step 7

Pull the white square door harness switch connector away from the door switch on the back of the front panel with your fingers. Pull the front panel completely away from the LG dryer.

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