The California Closets line of custom storage solutions adapts to various configurations. The closets have a simple structure, one based on vertical sections that hang from a tempered-steel railing. While a California Closets expert helps you design your closet before installation, modifying the closet after to match new needs simply requires pulling a piece loose, moving pegs, and sliding everything back together the way you want it.

California Closets are custom-made to suit your clothing-storage needs.


Step 1

Lift the shelf up from the pegs it's resting on and pull it free.

Step 2

Remove the four pegs and stick them into the vertical section's peg-holes in a new location in the California Closet.

Step 3

Slide the shelf between the vertical components and set it gently down onto the pegs.

Clothing Rods

Step 4

Pull the wooden dowel up and out of its end-piece connectors.

Step 5

Slip the plastic end-pieces out of the peg-holes and reposition them elsewhere in the California Closet, keeping the two ends at the same height.

Step 6

Snap the rod back into place.


Step 7

Pull the drawer all the way out. Lift it up and slide it free of the rail to remove it.

Step 8

Unscrew the drawer rails from the peg-holes and re-install them in a new location in the California Closet.

Step 9

Slide the drawer back onto its rails. Set the back end down first, and then push it both down and inward until it rests securely on the track.