How to Stain Pine to Match Cedar

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Things You'll Need

  • Pine

  • Cedar-colored paint

  • Pine stain

  • Wood conditioner

  • Sandpaper

  • Cloth

  • Paintbrush

Pine must be conditioned before it is painted to match cedar.

Whether staining pine to match oak, cedar or bamboo, many of the same initial steps must be followed. One of the main obstacles in staining pine wood is the blotching and streaking that sometimes occurs. To protect against this, several steps must be taken. A final coat of western red, a popular color of cedar, can then be applied to match the two.


Step 1

Sanding the wood allows for easier staining.

Before any stain applications are made to the pine, the wood must be sanded using a gentle and low resistant quality sandpaper. Bumps and uneven surfaces will be flattened, allowing for an even application of stain liquid.

Step 2

Staining the pine is the most important step before painting.

Pine is a soft wood, typically having a smooth surface. To ensure durability of the wood, apply conditioner. This can be purchased in your local hardware store and most brands will suffice. After the wood is conditioned, use a damp cloth to gently dab on a generous coat of pine stain. Other alternatives include using boiled linseed oil or walnut oil stain to color the wood.


Step 3

Once the pine is completely dry, clean the wood of any loose particles or dirt. Fill all holes with a filler to avoid globs or clumps after painting. Let the wood dry completely and re-sand to make sure the staining and conditioning did not result in an uneven texture. Apply a solid coat of cedar-color paint to the wood and wait several hours until it is completely dry. Then apply one additional coat of cedar paint to ensure a solid western-red color.



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