How to Keep Clothes From Balling Up in the Dryer

Due to a clothes dryer's tumbling action, wet clothes sometimes ball up, which means they will take longer to dry and will come out wrinkled. This happens frequently with natural fabrics such as cottons, and can cost extra time and money--you'll need to iron to get the wrinkles out and you will have to run the dryer longer to get the clothes fully dry. A simple solution exists to prevent your clothes from balling up in the dryer.

Clothes may ball up in the dryer, but this can be prevented.

Step 1

Purchase dryer balls. These balls are often sold as natural, non-chemical clothes softeners, but they also prevent clothes from balling up in the dryer.

Step 2

Grasp clothing items, one item at a time, from your washing machine when the wash cycle has finished and shake them out. According to laundry tips found on the LG website, shaking clothes out before placing them in the dryer will help prevent them from balling up.

Step 3

Place the laundry in your dryer. Put the dryer balls in with the clothes and run the dryer as normal.