How to Turn Tires Inside Out

Old tires are typically considered environmental hazards, and you might be charged a fee when you try to dispose of them. There are clever uses for those old tires that require very little beyond a sturdy knife and some serious elbow grease. Projects such as planters, animal shaped children's swings, or raised garden beds are just the beginning.

Turning a tire inside out opens the door for many clever projects.

Turn a Tire Inside Out

Step 1

Using the heavy duty knife, cut the bead off the inside of one side of the tire.

Step 2

Cut slits, scallops, or triangle shapes out of the inside of the now bead-less side of the tire.

Step 3

Grab one notch, "petal" or "v," and begin pulling. Use your knee or foot on the opposite side of the tire to create leverage.

Step 4

As the section of tire you are pulling back begins to move, slide your hands over to the next notch/petal/v shape and pull it back.

Step 5

Working with the tire as it begins to bend itself (don't rely on brute force) continue working your way around the edge of the tire until it is entirely inverted.