There are many ways to put a simple bench to good use. Benches offer convenient seating in narrow spaces, such as near an entryway or in a dressing room, and they can double as a display surface for plants and decorative accessories. To build a simple 5-foot bench, construct a strong and sturdy wood base and top it with a smooth wood board that is just wide enough to sit upon for a comfortable moment.

Build a simple bench to enjoy outdoors or in your entryway.

Step 1

Cut the legs of the simple bench using the 2-by-4-inch wood. Cut off four 15-inch pieces from one 10-foot-long, 2-by-4-inch wood stud. Measure 15 inches for each leg, and cut them with a compound miter saw.

Step 2

Cut the long leg supports. Measure and mark 56 inches for each long leg support on the 2-by-4-inch wood studs, and cut off four of them with the compound miter saw.

Step 3

Assemble the legs to the long leg supports. Position the leg supports perpendicular to the legs with one across the middle of the legs and one near the top. Butt the ends of the leg supports to the wide sides of the 15-inch-long, 2-by-4-inch legs. Apply wood glue between the ends of the leg supports and the legs, pre-drill holes and screw them together through the legs with a power drill.

Step 4

Cut the short leg supports from the remaining 2-by-4-inch wood studs. These four support pieces that measure 4 inches long will join the two leg units to form the base of the simple bench.

Step 5

Align two short supports between the legs at each end, predrill the holes through the legs, apply wood glue and screw them together near the top and middle of the leg.

Step 6

Connect the 5-foot seat board of the bench to the top of the leg base. Turn the seat over onto a flat work surface, and place the leg base upside down onto the top piece. Center and align the leg base to the seat, and then predrill holes through the 2-by-4-inch wood supports of the base's frame.

Step 7

Carefully lift the leg assembly, one side at a time, and apply a generous amount of wood glue along the outline of the leg assembly.

Step 8

Position the base onto the underside of the bench's seat, insert screws into the predrilled holes and screw the base to the top of the bench.

Step 9

Turn the unit upright, and sand the corners, surfaces and edges until they are rounded and smooth.

Step 10

Finish your simple bench with paint or stain to complement or accent the space that the simple bench will occupy, or leave it plain if the natural look coordinates well with your décor and design style.