How Do I Set My Refrigerator Crisper?

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A woman holds an apple in her hand while closing the refridgerator door.
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Most refrigerators feature one or two interior drawers called crisper drawers. The purpose of these drawers is to have a place inside the fridge that regulates humidity in addition to temperature. Store fruits, vegetables and meats in the drawers, and set the crisper setting -- ranging from high to low -- based on the contents of the drawer to maintain the freshness of the food items.

Adjusting Crisper Settings

Crispers have a humidity control setting on the upper portion of the drawer. Move the small knob from to adjust the drawer's humidity to any setting between high to low. The humidity control basically opens or closes a small window on the drawer with the lever at "High" being completely closed and at "Low" being completely open. Adjust the crisper setting as needed based on the contents of the drawer. Fruits and vegetables that will rot quickly, such as avocados or grapes, require a low humidity setting, while items that tend to wilt, such as leafy greens, need higher humidity levels.


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