How to Protect a Deck From Patio Chair Feet

A scraped, scratched deck can give the impression that your whole home is rundown or poorly maintained. A deck that isn't covered in unattractive scuffs or dents from the patio chairs' feet is one in which you can take more pride. If you're about to resort to cutting X-shaped slits in tennis balls to shove over the feet, hold off at least until you've checked out a couple of more practical, less silly-looking options.

Patio of family home in early spring.
credit: volgariver/iStock/Getty Images
Deck with patio furniture

Protection With Panache

You might have smooth felt chair glides under your dining-room-chair feet, inconspicuously protecting a hardwood floor indoors, but you can use certain types outdoors, too. Glides made from materials such as rubber or plastic are weather friendlier than felt. Choose from glue-on, screw-on or peel-and-stick designs, depending on your patio chairs' feet. If the glides aren't compatible with the feet, resort to an outdoor rug -- or maybe a bunch of inexpensive tennis balls that you've sprayed to match the chairs.