A gazing ball is a decorative sphere used as a garden ornament, usually placed on a stand. Also known as a lawn ball, garden globe or mirror ball, they are usually highly reflective. Originally made from glass, they are also available in stainless steel and ceramic. Though they are sometimes confused with crystal balls, the idea of the gazing ball is not to look into it like a crystal ball, but rather to reflect the garden around it. Painting your own gazing ball is one way to create an attractive centerpiece in your garden.

Gazing balls reflect their surroundings

Step 1

Clean the surface of the gazing ball with rubbing alcohol.

Step 2

Choose the design to be painted on the gazing ball. For example, stars or flowers would be good.

Step 3

Paint the design onto the ball. Allow the paint to dry overnight.

Step 4

Add glass marbles or decorative glass nuggets--available from any craft center--to the design to give the surface of the gazing ball texture.

Step 5

Use silicone adhesive to attach the decorative glass to your gazing ball. Allow the glue to harden before placing the gazing ball in the yard.