How to Install Gutters on Metal Buildings

Installing gutters on a metal buildings requires specialized fasteners and gutter hangers. The fasteners used to attach a gutter to a metal building need to drill and tap a hole in the buildings metal exterior. This reduces the labor involved when installing the gutter. Gutters designed for use on metal building doubles as trim. Keep this in mind when performing the installation as the gutter will divert water and seal the connection between the building's metal roof and metal walls.

Metal gutters divert water away from the foundation of a metal building.

Step 1

Set up the ladder to provide safe access to the eave of the metal roof.

Step 2

Measure the length of the eave with a tape measure.

Step 3

Cut a gutter to length with aviation snips. Set the cut length of gutter against the eave of the metal roof. Secure the mounting flange of the gutter to the metal roof by spacing three pair of self-locking pliers along the mounting flange.

Step 4

Drill one 1/8 inch hole through the metal roof and mounting flange with a 1/8 inch drill bit secured in a 3/8 inch drill motor.

Step 5

Place one 1/8 inch blind rivet into each 1/8 inch hole with a rivet gun.

Step 6

Pull the string line along the edge of the gutter. Install a second length of gutter as described earlier while making sure the gutter lengths remain even with the string line.

Step 7

Install the steel gutter straps. Hook a steel gutter strap onto the front edge of the gutter with the remainder of the strap resting on the metal roof. Place two blind rivets through the strap and into the gutter. Run three evenly spaced rivets through the lap fastener and into the surface of the metal roof to complete the installation of the metal gutter onto a metal building.