How to Replace a Belt on a Frigidaire Stackable Dryer

The belt on your Frigidaire dryer is in perpetual motion whenever the machine is in use. Because of this, it's normal for the belt to deteriorate over time and eventually snap. It's time to replace the dryer belt on your Frigidaire when you hear an alarming thump, followed by the screeching halt of the tumbler. You can obtain a replacement online or in person at a Frigidaire retailer. The replacement of your new belt should take less than one hour and will save you the cost of a professional repairman.

It's easy to replace the belt on your Frigidaire dryer.

Step 1

Cut the power to your Frigidaire dryer either by unplugging it or by going to your fuse box and switching off its designated breaker.

Step 2

Open the dryer door and locate the screws that hold the front panel in place. Remove these with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Locate and unfasten the wiring connector found on the rear of the front panel. Pull the front panel forward to remove it.

Step 3

Remove the inspection plate located in the rear left of the dryer using a Phillips-head screwdriver. This reveals the motor, idler pulleys and belt.

Step 4

Unscrew the bolt securing the idler pulley using a socket wrench. This will loosen the belt. Pull the belt away from the motor and idler pulleys.

Step 5

Thread your replacement belt through the inspection plate cavity. Line it up along the notches around the motor and idler pulley. Retighten the bolt for the idler pulley using your socket wrench.

Step 6

Reattach the front panel of your dryer. Open the dryer door and use manual force to turn the tumbler counterclockwise one full rotation. This will tighten the new belt. Reestablish the electrical current to your dryer.