How to Attach Flag Clips to a Flag Pole

The United States of America has a set of laws detailing exactly how the national flag should be flown. The American flag should be flown on all public institutions from sunrise to sunset. If the flag is properly illuminated during darkness, you may fly it throughout the entire day. Before you can fly the American flag, you must properly attach it to the flag pole. Flag clips provide the bridge between the flag rope and the flag itself.

Learn how to attach flag clips to flag poles in your community.

Step 1

Form a loop with the rope that is on the flag pole.

Step 2

Slip the loop through the eye of the flag clip. The base of the flag clip will have an enclosed opening referred to as the eye. The top of the clip will have a portion that can be depressed to attach to the flag; this is referred to as the "snap."

Step 3

Place the loop over the snap of the flag clip.

Step 4

Pull the rope tight. This will secure the flag clip into place. Attach the flag by securing the snap around the flag rings to hold it into place.