The 1250 is model of safe that was manufactured by the Sentry Safe company, a subsidiary of Schwab. Opening your Sentry 1250 safe consists of more than just twisting to each number and the safe opening. There is a certain procedure that must be followed to open the safe. After following a few simple directions and practicing a couple times, you should be able to open your Sentry 1250 safe with ease and store or recover your valuable items.

Safes are a good place to store valuable items.

Step 1

Get the three-number combination for your safe if you have it written down and not memorized.

Step 2

Twist the dial on the safe counterclockwise twice past the first number of the combination, then stop on the number.

Step 3

Twist the dial clockwise past the second number, then stop on that number.

Step 4

Twist the dial counterclockwise to the last number and open the safe.