How to Remove Popcorn Texture From a Wall

Popcorn texture is an inexpensive way of covering walls or ceilings with a something a little more interesting than plain paint. Once on, however, you cannot apply a different wall treatment without first removing the popcorn. If you decide you want to remove popcorn texture from your walls, it is not a difficult job. If you have a large wall or walls, it make take some time to get done, however.

Update a room by removing the popcorn texture design on the wall.

Step 1

Remove any furniture and wall fixtures from the room you are working in. Lay a plastic tarp across the floor and tape it around the edges of the room.

Step 2

Spray a small portion of the wall with water from a spray bottle. Apply water until the popcorn is damp.

Step 3

Hold the drywall blade so the blade is upright and flush against the wall where you sprayed the water. You should hold it so the blade is at a 30-degree angle.

Step 4

Gently push the blade up, scraping the popcorn texture off the wall as you push. Scrape away all of the damp popcorn in the same way.

Step 5

Spray another portion of the wall and scrape off the damp popcorn. Keep doing this until the wall is clear.

Step 6

Wrap up the plastic tarp and throw all of the scraped off popcorn away.