How to Remove a Drawer From a Electrolux Refrigerator

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Reinstall the bottom drawer first, following with the next drawer in succession.

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Most refrigerator drawers simply pull out of the refrigerator. This is not the case with the Electrolux refrigerator. Removing drawers from an Electrolux refrigerator requires removing the top drawer and working your way down to the lowest drawer. Electrolux uses a fixed drawer system. The rails for the drawers are fastened to the refrigerator body. Each drawer moves on slides that mount to the sides of the drawer. These mounts disconnect only when the drawer is raised. You must remove the drawer above to create room to remove the drawer below.


Step 1

Open each of the drawers and empty out the contents. Close all the drawers except the top drawer.

Step 2

Pull the top drawer out all the way. Grasp the front of the drawer by the sides and lift up to disengage it from the slides. The slides are the rails the drawer rides on, much like a cabinet drawer slide.

Step 3

Remove the drawer from the refrigerator. Push the two side slides back into the drawer compartment. Repeat the process with the next drawer and finally the lowest drawer.


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