By Jon Stefansson

Whether you own a gas, electric or convection oven only one thing is for certain -- it will get dirty. Cleaning the oven is never an enjoyable task but it can be made easier by using a steam cleaner. Depending on how dirty the oven is you should be able to noticeably improve its appearance in under 30 minutes.

An oven in use

Steam Cleaning An Oven

Step 1

Make sure the oven is switched off and completely cold.

Step 2

Use the vacuum cleaner or a dry cloth to remove any loose food remains from the bottom of the oven and metal racks.

Step 3

Remove the metal racks and soak them in hot soapy water.

Step 4

Fill the steam cleaner with fresh, cold water and switch it on. After a few minutes the machine will be able to produce a strong blast of steam capable of removing most baked-on dirt. Refer to individual manufacturers instructions regarding the precise use of the steam cleaner.

Step 5

Pull the trigger or push the button on the steam cleaner nozzle and move around the inside of the oven, removing dirt by aiming the jet of steam. Always point the nozzle away from skin to prevent burns.

Step 6

Keep the tip of the steam cleaner nozzle approximately two inches from the surface of the oven. Never use the tip of the steam cleaner to scrape off stains unless a proper head head is provided with the steam cleaner.

Step 7

Regularly wipe away and water build up in the oven with a dry cloth.

Step 8

Loosen any harder to remove chunks of food using the non abrasive scourer soaked in warm water. Alternate scourer and steam cleaner blasts to remove extremely stubborn stains.

Step 9

Remove metal oven racks from the warm water and scrub off baked on food.

Step 10

Leave the oven door open and allow inside to dry before re-inserting the metal racks.

Step 11

Wipe any remaining soap or moisture from the inside of the oven before resuming normal use.