How to Remove Gum From Clothing That Has Been Washed & Dried

By Amanda Flanigan

Children and adults alike sometimes forget to remove items such as gum from their pants pockets before washing. When the garment is washed and dried, the gum melts into the fibers of the fabric, making removal difficult. Simply trying to scrape the gum off of the garment yields unwanted results. Fortunately, it is entirely possible to remove the gum and salvage your garment.

Chewing gum can be messy and leave stains.

Step 1

Hold an ice cube directly on the chewing gum for 20 minutes. The ice freezes the gum. Alternatively, place the item inside of a freezer for the same length of time.

Step 2

Scrape the gum using the dull side of a butter knife. Start at the edge of the gum and scrape toward the center.

Step 3

Freeze and scrape until the gum is removed.

Step 4

Dampen a sponge with water. Apply a few drops of a mild laundry detergent to the sponge.

Step 5

Rub the stain with the sponge in a circular motion.

Step 6

Launder the garment as normal.

Step 7

Allow the item to air dry. Never place the garment into a dryer until the stain has been removed as heat sets the stain in.