How to Change the String on a McCulloch Trimmer

McCulloch, a power equipment brand owned by Husqvarna, creates all kinds of lawn equipment. One piece of equipment McCulloch makes, the line trimmer, requires a string that is heavy-duty. It is not expensive to change the string, however; it takes only a few minutes to replace. Any line that is size .095 or .080 will work as long as it is placed into the trimmer properly.

When storing a weed trimmer, do not wrap up the exposed line.

Step 1

Lay the trimmer on the ground. Locate the trimmer head at the bottom of the shaft.

Step 2

Turn the trimmer head knob counterclockwise to pull out the spool. Remove any debris from inside the head and spool.

Step 3

Cut a 14-inch piece of trimmer line and fold it in the center. Place one of the ends in the bottom notch on the spool.

Step 4

Wrap the first 7 inches of the string around the bottom half of the spool in a clockwise motion. Wrap the second half of the string around the top half of the spool, which is indicated by a plastic divider, in a clockwise motion.

Step 5

Connect the open end of the line through the spool's top notch. Place the spool against the spindle in the center of the trimmer head.

Step 6

Feed the ends of the line that are through the spool notches through the eyelets in the trimmer head.

Step 7

Push the spool down onto the trimmer head's spindle.

Step 8

Pull the line tight with your hands.

Step 9

Tighten the spool on the head by twisting it clockwise.