How To Troubleshoot a Jandy AquaPure

AquaPure is a salt chlorine generating system used to sanitize your pool, using a closed-loop water-softening system. As with any electronic and mechanical systems, problems can occur. While some problems are technical enough that they require the attention of a qualified professional, others have a simple solution and you might be able to troubleshoot these yourself.

Jandy's AquaPure sanitizes swimming pools.

Low or No Chlorine

Step 1

Add chlorine stabilizer as required. Chlorine stabilizer content should be 50 to 75 PPM. For every 50 pounds of salt, 1.25 pounds of stabilizer should be added.

Step 2

Increase the system's daily operating time.

Step 3

Increase chlorine production by pressing the "chlorine production rate adjustment" button.

Step 4

Enable "boost" mode and run for 24 hours.

Step 5

Press the "test salinity" button. If salinity is low, more salt may need to be added.

Step 6

Clean the cell if it is dirty or clogged.

Screen is Blank

Step 7

Check that the unit is connected to a power supply and the pump is switched on.

Step 8

Fully insert into the connector the ribbon cable between front and back PC board.

Step 9

Properly connect the connector at the white plug between the transformer and back PC board.

No "Cell On" Indicator

Step 10

Ensure "chlorine production" setting is not set to "00%." Adjust to desired percentage.

Step 11

Clean and/or unblock cell as required.

Step 12

Plug in the "flow/temp/salinity" sensor.

"No Flow" Indicator Stays On

Step 13

Unclog the strainer baskets if necessary.

Step 14

Correctly align all valves.

Step 15

Clean or unclog filter if required.

Step 16

Plug in the "flow/temp/salinity" sensor.

Step 17

Remove the "flow/temp/salinity" sensor. Clean the sensor and reinstall.