How to Kill Mushrooms Growing in My Lawn

Other than being unattractive, mushrooms don't cause any real damage to lawns. For this reason many people don't like mushrooms growing in their yards. Additionally, if pets or small children play in the yard, it's wise to get rid of the mushrooms, as many varieties can be poisonous if ingested. Mushrooms can be controlled, but it takes dedication.

Mushrooms grow in lawns where organic material is decomposing.

Step 1

Turn a plastic bag inside out and place your hand on the inside of the bag.

Step 2

Grasp the mushroom by the stem. Turn the bag right side in around the plucked mushroom to prevent spores fom being released. Discard the bagged mushroom. Repeat this step for each mushroom.

Step 3

Remove any decomposing organic matter in the lawn and dispose of it.

Step 4

Spread a granular fertilizer that contains nitrogen to help speed the decomposition of any remaining organic matter. Apply 4 lbs. of 27-3-4 fertilizer for every 1,000 square feet, according to the University of California.