How to Make a Queen Size Padded Headboard

A lightweight, padded headboard for a queen size bed takes only about an hour to make after gathering the supplies. Choose from an array of fabrics so that the design matches the décor of your bedroom. The minimal weight of this queen size padded headboard allows you to attach it or hang it in a variety of ways.

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Make the Headboard

Step 1

Take some measurements above your bed. Decide how you want your headboard to look, meaning how high you want it to go above your mattress and how wide you want it to be in relation to your bed. Keep in mind that a queen size bed measures 60 inches by 80 inches, but you can make your padded headboard whatever size you want. Jot down these measurements.

Step 2

Lay the sheet of insulation on the floor and mark out your desired measurements using a pencil. Use the utility knife to cut the insulation.

Step 3

Cut out two layers of quilt batting to the same measurement as the insulation.

Step 4

Use the measurements and add 4 inches all the way around to get your fabric measurement. Use scissors to cut the fabric.

Step 5

Spread out the fabric on a clean floor with the right side down. Center the quilt batting on top of the fabric. Center the insulation on top of the quilt batting.

Step 6

Pull up the fabric in the center of one of the sides and use a staple gun to hold in place. Repeat with the middle of the other three sides.

Step 7

Work from the middle to the corners, pulling the fabric tightly to the back of the sheet of insulation and stapling. Fold the corners neatly and staple in place to finish the headboard.

Hang the Headboard

Step 8

Add heavy-duty picture hangers to the back of the finished headboard. Put one at each corner and one in the middle, if desired.

Step 9

Take some measurements at the hangers on the headboard and mark with pencil on the wall of where to hang the other parts of the hangers.

Step 10

Screw the other hangers into the wall and hang the headboard.

Attach To the Bed Frame

Step 11

Measure how high you want you want your headboard to be above the mattress.

Step 12

Use a saw to cut your two pieces of pine to that measurement.

Step 13

Screw the top of the boards to the queen size padded headboard and attach the bottom of the legs to the bed frame.