Carpeting is frequently used in apartments and homes as a way to improve the visual aesthetic of the space. The carpet also covers the wood or the concrete underneath it and makes it more comfortable to walk on. One of the problems with carpeting is that it can flatten and get matted down over time from age, wear and tear, as well as dirt accumulating in the fibers. While severely matted carpeting eventually needs to be replaced, you can repair matted carpeting to some extent.

Repairing matted carpeting can be done quickly.

Step 1

Vacuum your carpeting. This will help remove some of the dust and dirt that has accumulated on it and make it easier for the carpeting to stand back up.

Step 2

Place an ice cube over the worst areas of matting.

Step 3

Push a screwdriver into the dampened carpet once the ice cube melts. Use it as a wedge to prop the matted carpeting back up to fullness.

Step 4

Apply a steam cleaner to deliver hot steam to the affected area of carpeting.

Step 5

Dry the carpet vigorously with a towel and angle it in such a way to further stand the carpet upward.

Step 6

Run a steam cleaner over the entire carpeting to further stand up the matted area and also remove more dirt from the carpeting.