How to Light the Pilot Light on a Luxaire Furnace

On virtually every modern Luxaire furnace, an electronic starter automatically lights the pilot every time the thermostat calls for heat. But older models still retain the standing pilot light, which constantly burns. These pilot lights, although not as efficient as the newer electronic starters, are still very reliable and will give years of service without a hitch. But they must initially be manually lit before your Luxaire furnace will work.

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Step 1

Remove the pilot light access panel on your Luxaire furnace. It is held on by gravity, so you can grasp each side and pull it straight up and off.

Step 2

Locate the pilot light valve, which will be white in color. There will be three settings printed on it: off, on and pilot. Turn the knob until it rests in the "off" position.

Step 3

Find the pilot light thermocouple. It will be a copper tube that travels away from the pilot light valve and into the burner on the furnace. At the end of this thermocouple will be the pilot light orifice.

Step 4

Light your candle lighter or your fireplace match and place the flame at the pilot light orifice.

Step 5

Turn the knob on the pilot light valve to "pilot" and press it down. This will release a stream of gas into the orifice that will instantly light from the flame of your lighter or match.

Step 6

Hold the pilot light knob down and remove the lighter or match. The pilot light will remain lit, but the knob must remain depressed for roughly 1 minute to allow the thermocouple to heat up. The time does not have to be exact, and you can do a rough count in your head to 60 seconds.

Step 7

Release the pilot light knob at the end of your 60-second count and turn it to the "on" position. The pilot will remain lit. Replace the access cover, turn your home thermostat to call for heat and the furnace will come on.